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January 6 – More Disney World Discounts And Star Wars Details

Disney reminds us that “Baby Yoda” is not actually Yoda, but could be related to him in this CNN article. If you’re in Disneyland, you can see a Baby Yoda drawn out of chocolate! I’m already hungry just from seeing the picture!

Parts of the Star Wars fanbase believe a director’s cut of SW: The Rise of Skywalker exists, and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) is poking some fun with them on Instagram. If a director’s cut does exist, I hope Disney releases it – it’s basically free money for them! While we’re discussing Rise, Vox claims that Babu Frik is a “perfect” character. And if you’re like me and wondered how Palpatine built that massive fleet we see at the ending of Rise, check out this interesting Syfy article.

Going to Disney World? Disney just announced room discounts and free dining for kids! AllEars breaks down and adds more detail to the room discounts deal and the free kids dining as well.

If you’re going to Disney World right now, Splash Mountain is unfortunately closed for maintenance – WDWNT has pictures of the drained pool. It looks very weird without all the water. While you’re at Disney World, make sure to drop by Disney Springs: this AllEars article explains why. I usually visit Disney Springs on the evening of my first night in Orlando – it’s a great way to unwind, buy some clothes and Disney merchandise, dinner at a nice restaurant, then sit down and enjoy live music and performances.