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New Trailer For The Live Action Aladdin Movie!

The Disney Blog covers the release of a new Aladdin trailer here: . I love that there’s so much color in everything: the dresses, the sets, even the background actors/actresses wear such complicated looking costumes. The large scale views are amazing too: the view of the palace, the desert landscapes, and the Cave of Wonders. I’m really looking forward to...

WDW News Today: New Aladdin-Themed Jewelry From Pandora!

WDW News Today has pictures of some gorgeous new Aladdin-inspired jewelry from Pandora. Check them out here: .

I really like the “You Fill My World with Wonder” charm, which depicts Aladdin and Jasmine flying on the magic carpet. At $55, I’m going to need to start saving up!

WDW News Today: New Aladdin Posters!

WDW News Today reports that Disney has released new Aladdin posters for the upcoming Aladdin movie! Each poster features Aladdin himself, Jasmine, and Genie.

These posters look great! I love the Aladdin poster in particular – it’s like they caught him during the first time he saw the lamp! Make sure you see the Aladdin movie when it comes out on May 23!

Disney’s Aladdin Live Action Official Trailer Released!

Today, Disney released the official trailer for the new live action Aladdin movie! The movie looks absolutely fantastic – I love the beautiful scenery, the wide views of the desert, rivers, and the city. At the time I’m writing this, the video is #1 on trending within YouTube and has more than 5.1 million views. Looks like everybody’s excited for...

Aladdin Trailer Released

Disney released a trailer of the upcoming live action Aladdin movie today! See it on Youtube: .

The movie looks fantastic, I particularly like the overview shots of the city and the palace! 35 seconds into the video there’s a colorful scene with elephants parading through the street, this looks like an amazing movie with lots of color!