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All Star Music, All Star Sports, & All Star Movies

Disney advertises All Star Music, All Star Sports, & All Star Movies as three separate resorts, but I consider them a single resort since they’re right next to each other – and on certain occasions, even share amenities such as bus transportation to Disney theme parks.

All three of the All Star resorts are brightly decorated with an emphasis on their theme. Above, a picture of All Star Sports when it opened in 1994.

If you’re bringing a large party to Disney World (up to 6 adults) All Star Music has Family Suites which offer additional space and sleeping room compared to a normal All Star room, which only sleeps 4 people. Other than that, I consider all the All Star resorts to be generally of the same quality – pick the resort with the theme that interests you the most. If you can’t decide, I suggest booking All Star Movies – it celebrates a range of Disney movies so nobody’s left out. Ask for a room in the “Fantasia” set of buildings – it’s the closest to the resort amenities: pool, restaurant, front desk, etc.

A fun tour of all three of the All Star resorts. Credit: AllEars.com

Recommendation: I love the All Star set of resorts. They’re inexpensive, but still bring the Disney magic. Your kids (and the kid spirit inside every adult) will know they’re at Disney when they see a 4 story tall Dalmatian statue!