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(5/8) Festival of the Lion King Has Returned!

Today Animal Kingdom brought back one of my favorite attractions, the Festival of the Lion King! See some of the pictures at WDWNT: . This is a huge step towards reopening all the attractions after the pandemic. Festival of the Lion King was and is a really big crowd-pleaser. It retold the story of the Lion King in a fun and more colorful way, and I’m very glad...

Disney Lion King Pictures

TheDisneyBlog has some new pictures from the upcoming Disney Lion King reboot: .

The pictures look fantastic – I’m really excited for this movie!

Lion King Trailer Released!

There’s lots of Disney news today, but the biggest and most important is the release of the Lion King trailer! It looks amazing! See it here: . The trailer is essentially a collection of the most well known scenes from the original Lion King: Zazu (the hornbill bird) talking to Simba, Simba running away from the wildebeests herd, Simba meeting Pumbaa and Timon...