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(5/7) Livestream Friday!

I’m beginning to think I should call Fridays “Livestream Fridays” or maybe “Friday Liveday” or something close to that. There are so many great streams of Disney World on Friday, I need 2-3 computers to watch them all! It’s not a livestream, but I loved this Muppets tour of Disney World attractions: There were many good livestreams...

The Secrets Of Disney’s Tower Of Terror

I love Hollywood Studios’ Tower Of Terror – I’ve rode it more times than I can count. If you’re like me and wondered how it all works inside, I recently saw a YouTube video that explains the inner workings of the ride: . It’s a great watch, so make sure you see the whole thing. There’s a bunch of drawings in the video designed to...

Forky Statue In Toy Story Land!

WDW News Today reports that a Forky statue – the newly featured character in the upcoming Toy Story 4 movie – has been added in Toy Story Land: .

It’s a great opportunity to get some fun pictures if you’re visiting anytime soon! I hope it’s there in the fall so I can get some great pictures!

FastPass Tiers Changing For Hollywood Studios

WDW News Today is reporting that when Galaxy’s Edge opens, Disney will change the FastPass tiers in Hollywood Studios: . First, an explanation: FastPass has two tiers: Tier 1 and Tier 2 rides. You get to select 3 FastPass before coming to the park: 1 Tier 1 ride, and 2 Tier 2 rides. When Galaxy’s Edge opens, many Tier 2 rides will move up into the Tier 1...