Epcot Rides & Attractions

As I remarked in the main Epcot article, there are fewer rides in Epcot than the other parks: Epcot deals in experiences, such as seeing fish in an aquarium (The Seas pavilion) or the various country landmarks (World Showcase pavilions).

This means there’s a good chance to run most of the rides in Epcot, if not all of them.

Must Do Rides

These rides are listed with the expectation that you’ll start with The Land pavilion (located on the west side of Future World), then move to The Seas pavilion and Spaceship Earth (located inside the Epcot globe). Optionally move on to Test Track on the east side of Future World, and then go south and go around the World Showcase lagoon in a counterclockwise order (starting with the Canada pavilion).

  • Soarin’ – Glider simulator located in The Land pavilion in Future World
  • Living With The Land – Boat tour about farming located in The Land pavilion in Future World. Get a backstage view of Disney’s greenhouse!
  • The Seas With Nemo & Friends – Located in The Seas pavilion, the ride is a fun retelling of the original Finding Nemo movie. It drops you off in the middle of Seabase, a huge aquarium where you can see plenty of fish.
  • Spaceship Earth – Located inside the “globe” at the entrance to Epcot, this ride takes you on a tour of the history of human communications.
  • Test Track – A test drive simulator, where your ride vehicle accelerates down a straightaway, takes curves at high speed, and swerves to avoid “obstacles”. Located on the east side of Future World.
  • Canada: Far & Wide – Movie showing off some beautiful Canadian landscapes, located in the Canada pavilion in World Showcase
  • Beauty & The Beast Singalong – The Palais du Cinema movie theater in the France pavilion offers the great Beauty & The Beast Singalong film
  • The American Adventure – A stage show where animatronic US Presidents talk about US history. Located in the American pavilion in World Showcase. This is a long show (29 minutes) so if you’re running short on time it might be a good idea to skip it.
  • Frozen Ever After – Water boat ride retelling scenes from Frozen. Located in the Norway pavilion

Do If You Have Time

  • Journey Into Imagination With Figment – In this tracked ride, you’re moved from room to room experimenting with the powers of imagination and the senses. This is a great ride especially for younger children, and the after ride area has lots of fun stations that play with the senses.
  • Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros – A fun water boat ride through famous Mexican locations, where you see the story of Donald Duck’s friends searching for him. Fun ride and the queue is usually very short. If the wait time is longer than 10 minutes, skip and come back later.
  • Reflections Of China – Movie located in the China pavilion (enter through the big circular temple entrance). The movie showcases Chinese culture and the varying landscapes of China. It’s a bit of an older film and slated to be replaced, but still quite a bit of fun.
  • Disney Short Film Festival – Displays short 3D films from Disney and Pixar studios. Located just behind the Figment ride building.
  • Walt Disney Imagineering presents the Epcot Experience – Located just south of Test Track, this is an exhibition of future plans for Epcot. An interesting diversion if you need a place to take a break, and there are restrooms and a first aid station in the building should you need them.
  • Mission: Space – Located next to Test Track, this ride simulates a flight to Mars or an orbit around Earth. It’s a fun ride, but a little cramped inside the simulator – you’re essentially pressed up against the screen.


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