Anne’s Guide To Disney World!

So you’ve decided to go to the happiest place on Earth! Congratulations!

I’m Anne, a Disney superfan, and I’ll use this guide to recommend the best experiences, rides, and food available in Disney World. I visit Disney World frequently, and spend the remainder of my time reading, watching, and listening to every Disney news source I can.


A few thoughts about this guide and Disney World.


First, you need to select a Disney World resort to stay in. Resorts are broadly divided into 3 categories: Value (approximately $100-$250 per night for a 4 adult size room, $300-$450 for up to 6 adults), Moderate ($200-$400 per night/room), and Deluxe ($450+ per room/night).
Value Resorts
Moderate Resorts
Deluxe Resorts

Theme Parks

Magic Kingdom Overview

For many, Magic Kingdom is synonymous with Disney World. As the first park in Disney World, it contains a ton of original and iconic rides such as Splash Mountain and Space Mountain.

Epcot Overview

Perhaps my favorite park, Epcot imagines the future, while simultaneously teaching us about the world around us. If you’re a foodie, Epcot will dazzle with its variety of flavors.

Hollywood Studios Overview

A mecca for film lovers, Hollywood Studios boasts two of the hottest and and most fun lands, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land. Plenty of other attractions, including those based on Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, and Cars round out a fun park.

Animal Kingdom Overview

Love animals? Then you’ll love Animal Kingdom, which features plenty of interaction with animals both real and imagined.


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