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The first and most important part of your vacation is selecting your Disney resort. Head over to the Disney World site and check which resort you’d like to book. There are 30+ resorts, each with a different theme to them. Resorts are divided into several categories; to keep it simple, we’ll discuss the three major categories: Value, Moderate, and Deluxe.

These categories divide resorts by the amenities they provide. Value resorts are the most inexpensive resorts to book, but they have the fewest amenities: typically limited to a pool, arcade, and a fast food restaurant. Moderate resorts have all of the above, plus include a water slide for the pool, a sit down restaurant (or multiple restaurants/bars) , and the rooms are typically larger or offer other amenities such as a second sink in the bathroom.

Deluxe resorts are the best Disney has to offer – the rooms are larger, with thick luxurious carpet. Lots of little things are added: USB charge ports embedded in the desk, comfortable chairs, additional storage space, better views, etc. Deluxe resorts also have upscale restaurants with wider varieties of food, multiple pools, and other resort amenities such as tennis, fishing, boat rental, and so forth.

Everyone who stays at a Disney resort (regardless of category) gets certain benefits:

  1. Disney World Transportation – Free transportation (via bus, boat, monorail, or Skyliner gondola service) from your resort to the parks and to Disney Springs (a restaurant/shopping center)
  2. Entering Theme Parks Half Hour Early – Resort guests can enter theme parks a half hour before the parks officially open. Half an hour may not sound like a lot, but it’s enough time to ride one attraction and get in line for a second before everybody else gets in.
  3. Resort Extras – All of the resorts have special events occurring throughout the day and sometimes at night; events can vary but include campfires, finger painting, a movie night outside, etc. Check with your resort to see what extras they offer.

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