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TRON Coaster: First Steel Supports Built!

The TRON roller coaster meets a major milestone: the first steel supports have been put in! The Disney Blog article contains a great video touring the build site: .

I’m really excited for the TRON coaster to open – it’s a huge update to Tomorrowland and another fun roller coaster for WDW!

TRON Concept Art

WDW News Today shows off some concept art of the new TRON roller coaster being built in Magic Kingdom. I love the design; the roofs look like a billowing parachute – very natural lines to them. See the article here:

TRON Roller Coaster Construction Now Beginning

WDW News Today reports that the Tomorrowland Speedway Track in Magic Kingdom is undergoing major construction – reconfigured in preparation to construct the new TRON roller coaster slated to open in 2021. See the WDW News Today article here: There’s a good view of the Speedway from the Tomorrowland People Mover – if you want to catch a glimpse of...