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Disney Starts Unwrapping Skyliner Gondolas

If you’ve been following the construction of the Skyliner system, you’ll know that up to now, the gondolas have been wrapped with gray paper during testing of the system. Today, Disney Parks put up a blog post announcing the unwrapping of the gondolas! Read the post here: . Finally, we get to see the gondola system working – it’s nice to see...

Disney World Gondola System Testing

AllEars has a new story up, commenting that the gondola system is currently being tested at full speed and capacity: . There are a number of videos and pictures on the article: you can watch the gondolas smoothly move into and out of the Hollywood Studios station. It looks like everything is running quite well and fairly quietly! It seems to be even quieter than the...

Disney World Gondolas In Testing!

AllEars reports that Disney World’s gondola system is starting testing! They even have pictures of how the gondolas will look like. I love the Mickey and Minnie design, but you might like the other designs more.

See the designs here: