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February 26 – Garden & Flower Festival!

The Epcot Garden and Flower Festival starts on March 4, but you can get an early start by checking out this Disney Food Blog preview. The seafood boil looks delicious – I’m trying that out the next time I visit Epcot! With the new festival comes a new spork for all the food you’re eating; doesn’t it look great!? Have hospitality experience...

January 6 – More Disney World Discounts And Star Wars Details

Disney reminds us that “Baby Yoda” is not actually Yoda, but could be related to him in this CNN article. If you’re in Disneyland, you can see a Baby Yoda drawn out of chocolate! I’m already hungry just from seeing the picture! Parts of the Star Wars fanbase believe a director’s cut of SW: The Rise of Skywalker exists, and Mark Hamill...