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(8/24) Splash Mountain With The Princess & The Frog

I liked this Deadline article about the soon-to-be Splash Mountain overhaul: Disney Reveals New Details, Concept For Splash Mountain Replacement Ride The Princess And The Frog At Disneyland, Disney World ; Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) August 24, 2021 I’m personally a huge fan of The Princess And The Frog movie, so it’s nice to see it getting some love...

January 6 – More Disney World Discounts And Star Wars Details

Disney reminds us that “Baby Yoda” is not actually Yoda, but could be related to him in this CNN article. If you’re in Disneyland, you can see a Baby Yoda drawn out of chocolate! I’m already hungry just from seeing the picture! Parts of the Star Wars fanbase believe a director’s cut of SW: The Rise of Skywalker exists, and Mark Hamill...

Splash Mountain Living Up To The Name!

I thought this short video was interesting: Splash Mountain increased the amount of splash – there’s water being thrown as far as the bridge in front of the attraction! See the video here: .

I was there in early December and I don’t remember that much splash, so it must be a recent change. Anyway, I love it: more splash equals more fun!