Port Orleans – French Quarter

It’s hard to convey just how much I love this resort, so stick with me as I explain! After a long day at Disney’s theme parks wending your way through huge crowds, returning to Port Orleans – French Quarter is a mini-vacation in itself. French Quarter is the smallest Disney resort, and it shows: it’s quieter, more relaxed, and simply less populated than the other Disney resorts. The resort’s buildings are also closer together than other resorts, meaning wherever you are in the resort, you can quickly get to the pool, the restaurant, or any other amenity.

The resort itself is gorgeous: it’s right next to the Sassagoula river, which means you can enjoy a cool walk or bike along the river. Following the river to the north takes you to the Port Orleans – Riverside resort. Need to shop for souvenirs? The resort’s dock has regular boat trips down the river to Disney Springs for all of your shopping and entertainment needs.


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