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Disney Movies For 2019

Business Insider has a preview of all Disney’s 2019 films. This is looking to be a blockbuster year for Disney – I’ve been waiting forever for Frozen 2, and I’m sure many can say the same for the next Star Wars movie and the final to Infinity War!
Read the article at:

Free Dining Deal Announced!

And here’s something I’ve been waiting for: Disney World announces a free dining deal for vacations booked between July 5 to September 30, 2019! I love free dining deals – they save me hundreds of dollars when I dine at sit-down restaurants. I stayed up late tonight and booked a one-week stay at the end of September; I’m already looking...

Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year 2019!Happy New Year to all Disney-lovers! To celebrate the new year, watch the New Years fireworks over Cinderella’s castle in Magic Kingdom:

You can see the castle lit up with decorations – it’s so beautiful! It looks like an ice castle straight out of Frozen!

New Kate Spade Bags!

Look at this fun tweet about the new Kate Spade bags coming to Disney! I love the quotations on the bags and they look so cute! I’m buying one when I next visit the Springs!

Disney Wedding Reception – The Little Mermaid

I loved this album of a wedding inspired by The Little Mermaid, posted by the Disney Weddings blog. Look at the shell-styled macarons! I particularly liked the table covers, which look to me to be evocative of the ocean floor – deep blue table covers to start with, layered over by shiny sheets (recalling the white waves and the sandy bottom) covered over with...