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Things To Pack For Disney World: MacBook Air 13

Going to Disney World is a great time to unwind, disconnect from our digital world, and just have fun. But if you have major work to do, a tiny smartphone screen is not going to cut it. You’re going to need a full fledged laptop.

That’s why I bring along my MacBook Air 13 inch laptop whenever I go to Disney World. Disney hotel rooms provide plenty of electrical connections, fast WiFi, and a nice desk or small table to work on. In particular, I love my MacBook for its strong aluminum case: I’ve accidentally dropped the MacBook, pushed it off the bed, hit it with random stuff, let it jostle in my bag with lots of other metallic items, and it still looks brand new. I need my laptops to be rugged and strong since I carry them everywhere, and only the MacBook Air and the Dell XPS 13 series are solid enough to get my vote of approval.

Regarding Disney World: in Value and Moderate resorts there is often a small table and chairs where you can comfortably sit down and work on a laptop. In Deluxe and above resorts, there is usually a desk and a comfortable high-backed chair to use while computing. For example, here’s my setup in The Contemporary resort:

Picture of The Contemporary desk with my MacBook Air. Photo Credit: Anne (me)

The Contemporary is somewhat different because the glass desk is much longer than most – it’s more intended to be a desk/top of the dresser/collector of knick-knacks area. Note the outlet area – there’s several power connections available to charge cellphones, tablets, laptops, or any electronics you may bring. The chair is very comfortable as well.

Yacht Club desk with my MacBook Air sitting on top. Photo Credit: Anne (me)
Desk at the Yacht Club. Comfortable, but not as big as The Contemporary’s desk. Photo Credit: Anne (me)

The Yacht Club is closer to the usual deluxe offering at Disney: the desk is a separate piece of furniture, but it’s a very nice piece of furniture. The Yacht Club desk is much smaller than The Contemporary’s desk, but also has power connections and a lamp integrated into the desk.

The Bottom Line: if you need a good laptop to take with you to Disney World, I strongly recommend a MacBook Air.