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AllEars: Why Early Morning Magic is the Best Way to Do Disney World

AllEars has a great article posted today, explaining why you should take advantage of Disney’s Early Magic Hours. If you haven’t experienced Early Magic Hours yet, it means that a small fee, Disney will let you into the parks early in the morning and have basically 0 wait times on many popular rides. A breakfast buffet is also included, with the typical...

AllEars: Where To Go In Disney World When You’re Tired

AllEars has come out with an interesting article entitled: 6 Places To Go In Disney Parks When You’re Disney-ed Out. I love the recommendations, but I have a couple more to add – these are fantastic places to take a break in Disney World. In Hollywood Studios, I like to take a break near the fountain in front of MuppetVision 3D/PizzeRizzo. There’s a bunch...

Banana Splits and Sundaes At The Magic Kingdom!

I just had to share this link after seeing the pictures: Disney is introducing a Minnie-themed banana split and sundae at the Magic Kingdom! Read about them here: . WDW News Today has a full review written up at the link, but just take a moment to stare at the pictures. I guarantee they’ll make you hungry! The review gives both treats high marks for tastiness...

Splash Mountain Living Up To The Name!

I thought this short video was interesting: Splash Mountain increased the amount of splash – there’s water being thrown as far as the bridge in front of the attraction! See the video here: .

I was there in early December and I don’t remember that much splash, so it must be a recent change. Anyway, I love it: more splash equals more fun!