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AllEars: Where To Go In Disney World When You’re Tired

AllEars has come out with an interesting article entitled: 6 Places To Go In Disney Parks When You’re Disney-ed Out. I love the recommendations, but I have a couple more to add – these are fantastic places to take a break in Disney World.

  1. In Hollywood Studios, I like to take a break near the fountain in front of MuppetVision 3D/PizzeRizzo. There’s a bunch of benches available; if the benches are full, you can sit on a few tables located slightly south of the fountain underneath the trees.
  2. In Epcot, the Italy pavilion has plenty of places to sit: benches, tables, a slightly raised platform in the center, and a small “island” in front of the pavilion connected by raised bridges – you can sit on the bridges as well and take great photos! Plus there’s a counter-service pizza place at the back of the Italian pavilion, so there’s food and drinks if you’re hungry!
  3. In Magic Kingdom, the obvious place to sit and relax are the gardens in front of Cinderella’s Castle. But there are also plenty of benches and secluded spots around the Swiss Family Treehouse in the Adventureland portion of the park.
  4. And finally, in Animal Kingdom, I love to take a break at the Harambe Market. There are walls enclosing a seating area and several food stalls – it feels cozy and isolated while still being easy to get to. The food and drink available is varied and very delicious.