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(1/9) 7 Dwarves Mine Train / Jeremy Renner / Molly Explains Genie+

I was reading through Reddit this morning when I saw this post: Whats the major hype with the Dwarves Mine Train ride?. I thought it was a really good summary of why this relatively small roller coaster is always so busy. To recap, the commenters on Reddit made the major points of:

  • 7 Dwarves Mine Train has a 38 inch height requirement, while the other roller coasters require taller heights – Space Mountain requires a 44 inch height and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad requires a 40 inch height
  • It’s a roller coaster that’s family – friendly; the theme is well known and the low height means a better chance the whole family can ride

My personal view is that 7 Dwarves is popular for a few additional reasons:

  • It’s physically small: you can walk around the coaster, see all the loops and turns it takes before you ride it. That’s compared to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad where the tracks are obscured by scenery and Space Mountain which is completely in the dark. You can see the entire 7 Dwarves ride before you go on it, and more importantly, you can see all the people having fun riding. So you get a bit of an anticipation build-up before riding the coaster
  • It’s well located: Most people are going to start their Magic Kingdom experience by going east into Tomorrowland, or straight through the center of the castle to get to Fantasyland directly. Both of those streams of people quickly encounter 7 Dwarves, especially the people who go through the castle. So the unending flow of visitors helps to keep the ride busy
  • The theming: everyone knows the story of Snow White and the 7 Dwarves. It’s a popular theme and so anything themed after it is going to be popular.

7 Dwarves Mine Train is a wonderful ride especially for the younger crowd. Ride it, it’s one of my favorite coasters!

Loved seeing Jeremy Renner back up and apparently recovering well from his accident:

Molly of Mammoth Club does a wonderful job in a recent YouTube video of explaining how Genie+ works. Definitely a must-see, she breaks it down and makes Genie easy to understand: