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(1/2) Packing List For Disney / Jeremy Renner

I saw this post up on AllEars about 12 Ways You’ll Need to Pack Differently for Disney World in 2023 and thought it was worth a mention. I love how they specifically called out that a phone recharger is a must. Considering how much you use your phone in the parks – watching YouTube while waiting in line, using the Disney app to order food and set up other park necessities – a charger is absolutely essential. The article recommends to use FuelRods; I’m perfectly fine with my $23 Anker charger off Amazon.

An item that the article misses is having a good bag. I like to have a small sling bag, that isn’t too large that its annoying to carry, but something large enough that it can hold some accessories such as a wallet, phone, a water bottle, etc. This sling bag is an example of what I’m talking about but I use a different bag I won at an event.

My thoughts are with Jeremy Renner, Hawkeye actor, as he recovers from a snowplow accident earlier today. Hope he gets well and returns 100% to being Hawkeye!

Credit: Twitter