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(11/8) Disney World Pizza / Akershus

Loved this AllEars video on the pizza in Disney World – everyone loves pizza, and there’s so much good pizza around the parks.

One of my personal must-do pizza restaurants is PizzeRizzo in Hollywood Studios. The pizzas are personal pan sized, and come with a delicious side salad. On top of that, I love the theming of it; it’s themed after Rizzo the Rat, and the restaurant stays in character by making a lot of rat-related jokes around the building (move the below video to the 11 minutes 33 seconds screen to see some of the jokes!). AllEars previews PizzeRizzo at 5 minutes, 20 seconds into the below video.

If you’re in the mood for sit-down pizza, try Via Napoli at the Italy pavilion in the World Showcase at Epcot. It’s delicious and the restaurant’s atmosphere is wonderful – so full of the smells of baking pizza!

Credit: YouTube

I was reading through the recent reviews of the newly reopened Akershus restaurant in the Norway pavilion in the World Showcase at Epcot. I liked several of them, but I think this review by Touring Plans Len Testa is the best review so far. I’m delighted to see Akershus is back, but I’m even more delighted to see that all the princesses are back as well and meeting guests. Akershus is one place where you can quickly meet a lot of Disney princesses and get your photo, so I always recommend it to new Disney World visitors!