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(10/27) Views Of Tower of Terror

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea from Disney to retheme part of Blizzard Beach to a Frozen themed environment! A fun way to add (literally!) more frozen themed fun to Blizzard Beach. Now all I need is a Tangled themed ride and I’ll be happy.

I liked this tweet from a former Imagineer. The path (Sunset Boulevard) going from the center of Hollywood Studios all the way to Tower of Terror is one of my favorite views of Studios. You start by walking down the path, maybe visiting a few shops here and there, and then the Tower of Terror grows bigger and bigger as you walk down the road; about halfway to the Tower you can hear the screams of people falling through the tower. During Christmastime it’s even better – it seems spookier with it all lit up with decorations.

What I like about the Tower of Terror, at least as a landmark, is that it acts as a central point of focus for all the activities around it: you see it coming down Sunset Boulevard, you see it from Rock n Roller Coaster, you see it from Beauty and the Beast Singalong, and from Fantasmic seating and the Cars auditorium. It’s a great way to orient yourself as you come from any of these attractions.

Credit: https://twitter.com/JimShull/status/1585310372952539153