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(10/25) Riviera Picture / Groceries

I saw an amazing photo of the Riviera Resort posted yesterday on the Reddit forums. A gorgeous framing at nighttime:

Credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WaltDisneyWorld/comments/ycv6ot/riviera_resort/

I spent much of today watching the recorded stream of Adventures by Carney from Monday. If you forward about 19 minutes in there’s live music at the Odyssey Center: really excellent saxophone playing – I won’t spoil the song but it’s really amazing playing. There’s another set of live music at 3 hours, 35 minutes into the video – make sure to check it out:

Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAwxKC6uFr4

I was looking at this thread on the DIS Boards: Best Company To Get Groceries Delivered To Hotel? Historically I’ve always used Garden Grocer or Amazon Prime, or if I had a car driving out to Publix and getting my groceries there. They list a number of other options there as well, such as Instacart or Walmart. Regardless of the room you get, I always recommend getting a case or two of bottled water and some snacks such as chips, jerky, or cookies. If you get a villa with a real kitchen, I love to get some prepared meals such as frozen pizzas and simple stir fry ingredients to make a quick meal late at night when everything’s closed.