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(10/4) A Beautiful Not-So-Scary Halloween

As I type this, I’m watching the lovely livestream from MagicalNewsLive. Love the fireworks!

Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtwuDKi2-UM

While browsing Twitter I found this Epcot logo. So nice! Wish it was a poster so I could purchase it:

Credit: https://twitter.com/TheMickeyWiki/status/1577301311288233985

And I always love a quote from Walt Disney, so this tweet caught my eye:

Credit: https://twitter.com/ShowcaseWishes/status/1577127196246028288

In food news, I liked this preview of appetizers from Territory Lounge in Wilderness Lodge: https://twitter.com/AllEarsNet/status/1577419906106019842 . I like how the charcuterie tray and the popcorn served in cast iron containers really serve to accentuate the rustic feel of Wilderness Lodge, while still pampering you with good food. I visited Wilderness Lodge just prior to the pandemic and I loved how the food served was simple, yet still prepared well and in keeping with the deluxe level of the resort.