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(9/26) Hurricane Ian & Epcot Showcase Adventure

The big news today is of course Hurricane Ian, which is presently plotted to almost directly hit Tampa and roll through Florida almost straight through to Jacksonville.

As is usual, we’re seeing closures of transportation and attractions, and even hotels are being closed off to new reservations.

While Ian is important, there’s another news topic of the day that I wanted to cover: the Epcot Showcase Adventure is being rethemed to DuckTales!

The World Showcase Adventure – to me – has always been interesting; it’s obviously a way to get younger children excited about visiting country pavilions that didn’t necessarily have exciting, fun rides to look forward to. Now admittedly that’s becoming less true now that more rides are being added to the country pavilions – Ratatouille to the French pavilion and Frozen Ever After to the Norway pavilion. But it’s generally true especially when you compare the density of attractions from Epcot to say the Magic Kingdom.

If I was in charge of doing up the Showcase Adventure, I would end up making it more educational. For instance, each country pavilion would ask you to locate the country on a globe, show you general statistics such as population, and then offer a small country-specific trinket: for the France pavilion, a small Eiffel Tower statue as one example.

I’m really looking forward to this redesign – it’s long delayed due to COVID!