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(5/5) The Mexican Pavilion: La Hacienda de San Angel

I was browsing livestreams today and found the Epcot stream for That Crazy Disney Lady. She dined at the La Hacienda de San Angel, the Mexican restaurant over the World Showcase lagoon, opposite of the Mexican pavilion: https://youtu.be/RnPLyIfufvI?t=3645 (forward to 1 hour in).

I love this restaurant, and the livestream shows why: the restaurant has huge windows with magnificent views of the lagoon. comfortable seating, and plenty of space to maneuver around. Once the evening fireworks show comes back to Epcot after the pandemic, this restaurant becomes one of the best views in Epcot.

The food is top notch as well: I love the Crema de Elote (appetizer) and Carne Asada, but everything is fantastic.

The location is really nice too: there’s plenty of time to eat dinner, then run over to Test Track or Mission Space for a quick ride (queues tend to be low in the evenings since everyone is at the World Showcase).