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(4/28) Good Vegetarian Food At Disney World

My mouth was drooling when I came across this post at the WaltDisneyWorld subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WaltDisneyWorld/comments/n0pnf2/without_question_one_of_my_most_favorite_meals/ .

Loved this post on Reddit.

Disney is really making an effort at offering great vegetarian food at their parks. The new Star Wars land is no different: Docking Bay 7 has the aforementioned Garden Spread, and Ronto Roasters has the Triple Suns Breakfast Wrap which contains “eggs” that are plant-based. Other parks are joining in on the fun too: both Pecos Bills and Cosmic Ray’s fast food restaurants in Magic Kingdom serve healthy vegetarian fare. I really liked the (plant-based) Bangers and Mash served up in The Plaza restaurant in Magic Kingdom – the plant-based “banger” sausage tasted almost exactly like meat!

It’s easier to hide the taste of plant-based meats if it’s cooked with a strong sauce. That’s one of the reasons I liked the Asian stir-fry options at Sunshine Seasons in The Land building at Epcot. The Asian counter at Sunshine Seasons serves up great stir-fry, with one of the stir fry options using plant-based meat. The sauces they use for the stir fry make it so that I can’t tell if it’s real meat or plant-based meat on the stir-fry!

Animal Kingdom is no slouch in serving up great vegetarian food either. Satu’li Canteen is great at cooking up vegetarian bowls, and the Harambe market in the Africa region of Animal Kingdom has several fast-food vegetarian options. While Satu-li Canteen is by far my favorite restaurant in AK, I also love the vegetarian options in at Restaurantosaurus (a spicy Impossible burger) and Flame Tree Barbecue (a plant based sausage on a roll).

I’m really pleased that Disney World is serving such healthy options – it’s one of the reasons why a Disney World vacation is so terrific: Disney is looking after you!