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(9/17) PeopleMover / San Angel Inn

Credit: YouTube – https://youtu.be/Bh7IE9lDK-k?si=AJX24zSbRUnR0qBL&t=1690

Kinda disappointed in this AllEars ranking of restaurants. They ranked La Hacienda de San Angel third from the bottom in their list of Epcot restaurants and San Angel Inn Restaurante not much better. I firmly disagree!

Epcot restaurants are amazing, but these two are super-awesome. La Hacienda has wonderful views of the lagoon for fireworks watching while eating, and San Angel Inn has a great view of the entire Mexico pavilion. Both are great areas to dine and watch in!

Credit: Twitter – https://twitter.com/WDWscope/status/1703211178783117361

I just loved this beautiful picture of the PeopleMover at night. Such a wonderful mix of colors.