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(7/9) Epcot Globe Lit Up / The Plaza Review

I loved this picture of the Epcot globe lit up that was just posted to r/waltdisneyworld. If you squint a little, you can see a 6-sided hexagram shape in the middle of the globe:

Posted today was also AllEar’s review of the Plaza restaurant in Magic Kingdom. They call it secretly awesome – I disagree, I think almost all Disney World restaurants are awesome – but perhaps it is a bit of an undervalued gem of Magic Kingdom. It’s easy to walk past – it’s not as bright and splashy as The Crystal Palace restaurant across the castle courtyard. You can see the AllEars review below; I generally agree with their review – this restaurant is a touch on the smaller side but the huge windows more than make up for it. It’s lovely to dine and watch the fireworks in the evening, or just people watch during the other times.

The Merida meet and greet has apparently moved to a gazebo near the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Magic Kingdom per this tweet. If you don’t know where the shop is, it’s in Liberty Square, right next to the bridge connecting Liberty Square to the main plaza area in front of the castle. Or you could just look for the shop with the wonderful Christmas ornaments!

Credit: Twitter