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(2/12) Disney 100 Super Bowl Commercial / Indiana Jones /

Disney came out with a beautiful commercial celebrating 100 years of story telling; it’s on YouTube but also aired during the Super Bowl:

I loved it. Simply stunning and relatively simple – they took the most impactful scenes out of a ton of movies – the Lion King’s explanation of the Circle of Life for instance – and then put them together with a lot of very touching images of Walt himself.

About 34 seconds into the commercial, there’s a clip of Rey saying, “There are stories about what happened” and Han Solo responding “It’s true. All of it”. That to me captures all of Disney: stories coming true through our belief in them, in our love for the stories and wanting to be as good/as respected/as loved as the movie characters themselves. It’s a simple ad, but so very powerful and moving.

Lucasfilm also just put out a great trailer for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Beautiful movie – going to see it the moment it opens: