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(12/18) Avatar 2 – A Fun Story!

I went this weekend to go see Avatar 2 – it’s really quite a fun story and amazing look into Pandora’s ecology.

The first Avatar movie was revolutionary. It created a whole new world with plants and animals that looked realistic enough to have naturally evolved, yet alien enough that they weren’t immediately dismissed as cheap knock-offs of Earth life. This movie is more evolutionary in design – it walks the same line as Avatar did, but introduces even more creatures such as a whale analogue.

I won’t spoil the story, but the underwater scenes are beautifully filmed. There is a gorgeous sense of wonder, enjoyment, and yes even adventure as we see the Pandorans navigate their underwater environment. I love the plot, the storyline is different from the initial movie but still very plausible, and helps set up future movies.

This is a long movie, it’s over 3 hours. Pick a movie theater that has comfortable seats and terrific food, because you are going to need them. I have a Studio Movie Grill close to my house which has great food and comfortable seats; try to find something similar for yourself.