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(11/19) A Cold, Cold Day Watching A Very Cool, Cool Disenchanted / Innoventions History

What a cold day it was outside! I went out for a quick lunch run and got thrown around by the heavy wind – definitely not my idea of fun.

While my day wasn’t terribly fun, my evening was delightful watching the newly added Disenchanted on Disney+. Being honest here: I was a bit concerned going into the movie, I wasn’t sure how well this would come out considering the name change – ie Disenchanted instead of simply Enchanted 2. But it was surprisingly fun story with its own twists and turns. I loved Amy Adams in her red floofy dress – she looked deliciously evil, powerful, and yet still felt more of a unique, of-her-own character when compared to more stereotypically evil stepmothers such as the one in Cinderella (2015 Disney release).

It’s clear that the directors intended Love Power to be the signature song of the musical, but I much prefer Badder. It’s just more symbolic of the change Giselle has undergone from being happy and carefree princess to an utterly ruthless queen.

A super movie – take the time to watch it.

Twitter seems to be flooded with #twitterdown and related hashtags, but there’s still some fun DIsney content being published; one being these archival photos of General Electric’s once-sponsored Epcot exhibits. Loved seeing their construction photos! The whole thread is worth a read: