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(10/10) Why I Love The American Adventure / Thrawn Casting Announced

I was thinking the other day why I love The American Adventure in Epcot so much. It’s hard to put into words without writing a massive dissertation about it, but here’s an attempt:

Most successful countries have a shared story, a shared consciousness – a shared set of points of pride that each citizen can point to and say this is what sets my country apart from other countries; this is what makes my country better to live in than any other country. For the British its the famous aphorism that, “the sun never sets on the British empire”. For the Chinese, it’s that they have a long and complex history stretching back millennia.

That’s the American Adventure – that’s the core of what makes The American Adventure such as terrific show. It’s a distilled version of American history that covers the highlights of where our country has been, and offers clues to our future. It’s not a historical textbook, and it doesn’t need to be – The American Adventure covers why we as Americans should be proud of our country, regardless of any other affiliations.

In short, that’s why The American Adventure is a must do attraction. It’s more than an attraction, it’s a summary of what makes the USA, the United States of America.

I was amused to see Thrawn trending on Twitter this evening:

Credit: Twitter trending section on 10/10/2022.

Apparently it comes from the news that an actor has been picked to play Thrawn in the upcoming TV series. He’s previously voiced Thrawn on the animated show Star Wars Rebels:

Credit: https://twitter.com/_ChristopherM/status/1579375205541351425

I think Thrawn is probably one of the hardest characters in Star Wars to play. He’s considered the Sherlock Holmes of the Star Wars universe, a more intellectual soldier of the Empire compared to the more physical fighters we’ve come to expect such as Vader. On top of that he’s a brilliant tactician, from small human-to-human conflicts all the way to giant fleet battles. Instead of Sherlock Holmes, I would actually compare him to Lelouch from Code Geass or the Time Lord Victorious from Dr. Who.

I’m looking forward to seeing Thrawn on Disney+ – I’m sure it’ll be awesome.