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Archive - May 2021

(5/22) Skyliner Love!

Apparently some Skyliner love has been going around, because I loved these two videos about the Skyliner and the resorts around the Skyliner. Resort TV 1 ( ) put up a fantastic video of them going around the Skyliner and taking tours of the resorts. I particularly liked that they spent so much time at Riviera Resort: it’s just a gorgeous resort and easily one...

(5/16) Livestreams Without Masks

I’ve been watching the Disney World livestreams, and it’s great to finally see the mask requirement removed and to see everyone’s smiling faces! Some of the live entertainment is coming back as well: I loved LBV TV’s Sunday livestream, especially the concert (start at 6 hours 7 minutes into this video: ). LBV TV’s (YouTube) Sunday...

(5/15) No More Masks!

I loved this Disney Food Guide vlog post about how masks are no longer necessary in Disney World. It’s about time we’re done with this pandemic; I’m looking forward to being out and about again.