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4/23/2021 Loved This People Article

This article just popped up on my iPhone: Disney Cruise Line’s Newest Ship Will Be a Cinderella-Inspired ‘Castle on the Seas’ https://people.com/travel/disney-cruise-line-new-ship-disney-wish-cinderella/ . When I read the title I laughed since I was literally imagining Cinderella Castle on top of a barge – but looking at the photos in the article I’m speechless.

There’s a picture in the article of the ship’s Great Hall, which looks absolutely gorgeous – it’s completely colored in white: white crystals, walls, metallic accents lightly curving themselves around lights.

I can’t help wondering if they allow weddings onboard Disney ships: that Grand Hall would look amazing as a backdrop for wedding photos: wrap the upper floor railing in Tangled-esque flowers (like what Rapunzel has in her hair) and it would be fantastic.

I can’t wait for this pandemic to end so I can ride this ship!

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