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AllEars: Best Things To Do At Disney World That Aren’t Rides

AllEars has a new article up, discussing the best things to do at Disney World that aren’t rides:
http://allears.net/2019/04/01/the-best-things-to-do-at-disney-world-that-arent-rides/ . I love their picks, even though I think that some attractions – like Living With The Land – are pretty close to being rides themselves.

The article leaves out a lot of really fun attractions that I love. I enjoy seeing Reflections of China (Epcot China pavilion) – I consider it a must-see especially since it’s so short. I also love the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor in Magic Kingdom – the line moves quickly since the auditorium seats a ton of people, and the show never fails to make me laugh :-).

The article mentions the Beauty and the Beast show in Hollywood Studios: I absolutely love the performance. It’s a masterpiece of a production – I can’t imagine how hard those performers work to be able to replicate that show day in and day out.