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Valentine’s Day!

Disney celebrates Valentine’s Day in so many ways! Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Disney Parks releases a new wallpaper: https://twitter.com/DisneyParks/status/1096049929380868097
  2. Disneyland is advertising some gorgeous jewelry boxes: https://twitter.com/DisneylandToday/status/1096121912143634432
  3. Disney Animation shows off Sebastian from the Little Mermaid making a kiss: https://twitter.com/DisneyAnimation/status/1096121900982427648
  4. OhMyDisney offers a fun challenge: https://twitter.com/OhMyDisney/status/1096118453969145856
  5. WDW News Today offers a picture of Aladdin meeting Jasmine: https://twitter.com/WDWNT/status/1096096175013445632
  6. D23 has a picture of Flynn and Rapunzel dancing (cute!): https://twitter.com/DisneyD23/status/1096092663449702400
  7. Disney Pixar shows off the strength of friendship: https://twitter.com/DisneyPixar/status/1096085417626087425
  8. Disney Weddings, as usual, has some incredible photography: https://twitter.com/DisneyWeddings/status/1096079572553134080
  9. WDW Today has a fun picture of two elephants: https://twitter.com/WDWToday/status/1096076606924382215
  10. AllEars announces that Cinderella’s Coach is now in Magic Kingdom (such delicate metalwork!): https://twitter.com/AllEarsNet/status/1096065927307763714
  11. Disney Pixar includes some heartwarming scenes from Up!: https://twitter.com/DisneyPixar/status/1096061508017156096
  12. Disney Careers has a message from the Disney Cruise staff: https://twitter.com/DisneyCareers/status/1096061506888876038
  13. And finally, the Orlando airport (MCO) has some fun with Valentine’s Day: https://twitter.com/MCO/status/1096078669397803008 and https://twitter.com/MCO/status/1096048698696572933


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