My Resort Recommendations

If you need some help deciding which resort to choose, here are my recommendations.

I’m a big theme park fan, which means that I want quick, efficient transport to all the theme parks. I HATE to wait – the best resort for me is one that is close to multiple theme parks. But I also want comfort and amenities: a nice pool, multiple food options (sit down and to-go)

Most Inexpensive Resort

If you’re a thrifty sort of person, the most inexpensive choice would be the All Star resorts: All Star Music, All Star Sports, and All Star Movies. These are good, solid options: you stay within the Disney bubble,

If you can afford a little more, I strongly suggest booking at Art of Animation (AoA): the rooms are 20% – 30% more, but you’re getting a newer resort with fast Skyliner (gondola) transportation to Epcot and Hollywood Studios and a larger pool. Pop Century is a good option as well – it’s across a lake from AoA and shares the Skyliner station – but I prefer Art due to the fact that it’s newer and has the biggest pool in Disney World.

Money Is No Object Recommendation?

If money were no object, the best choice is the Grand Floridian or the Polynesian resorts. The Grand Floridian is the flagship resort for Disney World, and as such has a huge variety of amenities for you to choose from, including a spa, gym, pools, and so forth. A Grand Floridian lake view villa provides a gorgeous view and plenty of space to unwind. A Polynesian Bungalow is also an excellent choice.

Honeymoon Recommendation

First of all, congrats! If you’re on your honeymoon, I expect you’ll be staying in your resort room for long periods of time.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive resort, I’d pick Pop Century – it’s quieter than the other Value resorts and enjoys fast Skyliner transportation to Epcot and Hollywood Studios in case you want to see the fireworks or have a sit down dinner in one of the parks (Pop Century does not have a sit down restaurant, only a fast food style

Going on to the Moderate category, I’d pick Port Orleans – French Quarter. My favorite Moderate category resort, French Quarter is a smaller resort: it feels more intimate, more relaxed – time itself seems to slow down while you’re at this resort. The French Quarter has a fast-food restaurant and a jazz lounge – be sure to get a beignet, they’re delicious – but no sit-down restaurant.

If having a sit-down restaurant is important to your honeymoon dream, I strongly suggest Coronado Springs – a Moderate priced resort with Deluxe resort amenities. Coronado Springs has several restaurants and bars, with food themed to Mexican and Mayan flavors. Coronado Springs is also the only Moderate resort with a spa offering massages and salon services such as hair, makeup, and nail work.


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